Genetic Matchmaking is true George Church

The single obsession reflects the life of the Church of George. He wants to open every human cell machine on Earth and read the genetic project.

Tall and thin with a large white beard and matched hair, Katon’s church was like Hogwarts when he was at Harvard Medical School, where he was a professor of genetics, three years ago.

The projects may appear miraculously. The Church has counted everything, from the old inversion to the eighth mammoth resurgence, and has helped launch the revolutionary Human Genome Project (HGP), which has completed human DNA.

But another goal – the Church never ceases to work – that can bring the greatest potential to bring life to our planet. Since HGP’s work, he has been trying to seize our remains. And you want to use this information to form the way you get our friends.

From father to son

The model of all life can be found in the DNA of these organisms. These wires are wrapped into a pack called chromosome; humans have 23 pairs. At the time of birth, one embryo received a copy of each – including tens of thousands of genes – from every single parent.

Free downloads: how DNA makes you do you.Generally, the genes for a particular character are dominant or recessive. The dominant gene attacked the recess. Thus, the child has dominated the dominant gene and the genes of the genes are purified by the properties dominated by the dominant genes.

Most of us have a clean genes for various diseases in our DNA. We can survive by accident because we also have a healthy and dominant copy of the genes.

But when two older people require a copy of the diseased gene to have children, there is a risk that the longevity can be found with two copies of the defective gene. In the world, around 5% of children are born with severe birth defects caused by a single gene.

However, if each of us has its own genome sequence – and it is used for selecting lovers – we can change. The Church considers the effort to cause approximately 7,000 genetic diseases, from sickle cell anemia to cystic fibrosis. Potentially, they say, can save 50 million people each year. This is the purpose of the Church.

He compared the genome sequence on the Internet in the early 1990s. Of course, there are, but people do not know what to do. The potential of the revolutionary survives, will not be locked.

There are some things that prevent the Church’s dreams. Until recently, the genome sequence price is complete, and not enough people will get the order – either because they do not see the value or have privacy issues. The Church and others have solved the first problem. Now, she is sure that she has found another solution.

Kuncine Alta

For five days, in December 1984, Hurricane pilots High Ski Area in the Wasatch Mountains outside Salt Lake City. In the dust competition, the world’s best geneticists live on a foundation and brainstormed. The US Government invites them to help detect genetic mutations between the victims of atoms and their children.

Understanding: technology is not yet, but it may. As a progressive snowman, the government unintentionally launches the biggest and most expensive research effort in history: HGP.

The church was in the middle of the speech. Ph.D. at Harvard University in 1984, a thesis on genome sequencing techniques has calculated a number of basics for what works as $ 3 billion. However, when the first sequence of human genomes last published in 2003, in the Church, this was just the beginning.

In the next year, he advised or founded dozens of scientific projects and biotech companies. Common thread: bring genome sequence to the idea.

With the launch of the Personal Genome Project in 2005, the Church’s research team began creating a massive genome database of volunteers – while generating 10,000 genomes. He also worked with 23andMe genetic testing companies since its launch in 2006.

He also started Veritas Genetics, which now leads the cost of all genome sequences with an analysis of less than $ 1,000. “We have reduced the cost of approximately 10 million times,” says the Church. And in the past years, he expects technology improvements to reduce costs in other ways.But along the way, he knows that reducing costs are not enough to reach or

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