Is mordern technology is the future of past

The future is not like now.According to all accounts, they must be here now. New millennium is long enough to vote. NASA has been in space for half a century. Virtually home owns a computer, and each pocket is smaller, sharper.

But the promised season is incomplete. Where, as he said, is my car fly? Our package of jets? Do not keep rain on the body? Is not it a victim?

Well, yes and no. Some of our pre-season gadgets have come to expectations – although they are usually expensive – and some can not be taken seriously. As a novelist and future writer William Gibson writes, “The future is available – not uniformly distributed”.

In the end, whatever future you do, Doc tells us in Back to Part III of the season.Therefore, this is what we have done with the most popular technology.


Book illustration of illustrated book Alex Schomburg, 1953 for Science Fiction PlusThe Estate of Alex SchomburgWhat is this? The car is used as a backpack that allows you to fly, usually using a jet engine.Where you see: The Rocketeer, The Jetsons, Iron Man (although it is no longer a base variant)

Because it will be very good: one of our main impulses is to fly easily as a bird. Jetpack allows us to do the most “natural” way: no cockpit keeps us from the wind, no hot air leaving us in the air stream, just fast fast. You can take the fastest route that can work every day, literally as a raven.

Or take a neighboring country to view the site. And do not forget about the military seat if the standard jetpack with each soldier’s uniform. In the end, jetpack is about freedom. Fly in or out of whatever situation you want, and look bad while doing it.

When we have to: though it is usually short for “the future”, the Jeteteer jetpack was born in the 1930s, so we are approaching this point.The Flyboard Water, a jetpack standing, trying to change


How close are we? You can fly the jetpack now … if you’re in the right environment.In space, the astronauts have been traveling in a maneuvering place called since 1984. Are they not astronauts? You will have better luck in the water. Hydro jetpacks, including the flyboard brand, use Jet Ski technology to take water instead of gas propellant.

Sockets: need fuel sources. So when these machines look and seem very much like the running jetpacks, they are still related to


So what about the real deal? You can, but not exactly as a consumer technology. JetPack Aviation, whose CEO goes to the Statue of Liberty in 2015, offers flight promotion and training; FAA pilot licenses are not required. Or how about the Flyboard Air, jetpack for your feet? Arrest: only 10 minutes, costs $ 250,000 and have not been sold.

In the end, there is no reason why consumer jetpacks are no longer in real life. The jet plane itself will be very dangerous for other unidentified pilots and pilots – do not ignite the flames – and may be untrue and desirable. And, basically, humans are not as aerodynamic, thus controlling such devices at any tricky speed.

Trivia: Rocketeer is not all liars. The Nazis tried to hide jetpack technology more than 80 years ago. Fortunately, making backpack is not easy.

Flying cars

The Convair model was actually flying in 1947. The company hoped to be a traditional non-engine after World War II. Evans Picture Library
What is this? It’s a car … that can fly. (Usually the model is more sporty.)

Where do you see: Back to the future, Blade Runner, Futurama, Fifth Element

Because it will be so beautiful: a plane that is controlled as a relatively new development for our species: the first aircraft flew just 115 years ago. It still looks beautiful and futuristic to imagine itself, as a species, moving randomly in the air.

As a prosperous family can enjoy a boat trip or car ride, a private aviation symbolizes another world we learn, a more advanced technology scene. Also, better views, traffic is less congested and looks just as fun.When we have to: Back to the Future trilogy is optimistic to say that they will all be

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