Microbes are already find on mars

Man has just two worlds in the solar system: the earth and the moon. But it is more famous that mars can become the next exclusive club. Along with NASA, SpaceX and private companies like Space One can not wait to put shoes on the Red Planet. Human exploration can also improve the science of Mars, but it may have important implications for life.

If you have ever lived in the neighborhood of the Red Earth, it is still an open question. Conditions in Mars do not support large creatures, but microscopic forms of life may occur in the ocean. They can also withstand today a scarlet pouch at the bottom and bottom of the Martian surface. If so, it may be similar to the forms of Earth’s life: life can be passed from the world to another horse pulled from the asteroid surface.

Alternatives will not be less important.

If Mars is pure, and researchers discover that living only on a single planet in the solar system, it is difficult for the living organisms, with the implications for the rest of the universe.

However, there is an automatic error in clarifying the mystery of “living on Mars”, the intrinsic passage of 22: every living creature who invests in life can destroy the area with its own microbes, so it does not know the truth.

NASA has proven the protocol to limit the contamination, but with the increase of personal effort and the possibility that humans can now enter Mars, the standard must also be replaced.

Steve Clifford, a senior research scientist in the non-profit Planetary Science Institute, thinks that any human landing made without serious precaution is good news. “If a commercial company is allowed to continue the program, Mars will be unstoppable when people first enter Mars,” he said. At that moment, we stumble our ambition and our desire.

Stop spreading

Interplanetary contamination is a real concern. When Apollo’s astronaut returned home after fifty years of lunar years, they were locked; Scientists are afraid that they can bring back substances that can cause them to spread to Earth.

When fears are not determined quickly, samples of the Martian material can bring harmful microscopic organisms. A strong quarantine method is to reduce this worry.

The more worrying, and even the real, is that it is likely that you are planet Earth Mars. Imagine the confusion that the instruments in the Red Planet find an organism, but they can not confirm that it is based on Mars or is applicable in a corrupted space setting.

As Ask Harrison, a Martian geologist at Arizona State University, said, “What if we destroy the greatest discoveries in human history?”

Clifford points to a worse scenario. What if the original life was on the Red Planet, but the upcoming microbes? “In his quest for life, we can be responsible for the extinction of the alien biosphere that begins,” he said.An enormous agreement was that in 1967, the United Nations ratified the Treaty of Principles governing State activities in the exploration and use of cosmic space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies.

More than feeling, the NASA Planetary Protection Office makes sure we do not remove other planets. Engineer is a clean and clean component of clean and clean vehicles, and a planet protection team created the surface of each spacecraft to ensure that the standard is high.

For example, officials assure that every Mars bullet does not bring more than 300,000 bacterial spores to space within the Martian range. (For comparison, the human body has about 40 trillion total microbes.)

But all this work is costly.

Former NASA planet protection officer, John Rummel, thinks that decontamination efforts increase the mission’s price by 14%, typically tens of millions of dollars – and this is only for a rover mission.

However, they think that they can be misled by the cost of Mars’s contamination forever. Unfortunately, putting people on the Planet Planet might mean spending the planetary protection in the windows.


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